We combined our values of health, pace and taste with the “Tradesman Restaurant” tradition and created the “New Turkish Cuisine” concept. We adopt a unique approach in all stages of cooking from ingredients used to cooking method and design of the service area.

Using fresh materials of local and successful producers, and applying more modern and healthier techniques, we make standard production at our facilities, maintaining traditional tastes as much as possible.  

We are a fast self-service restaurant chain, giving particular importance to hygiene and simplicity in the modern decoration of our service area. However in compliance with the character of “Tradesman Restaurants”, we preserve the traditional touch and hospitability of Turkish community by serving tea and coffee, by chatting with our customers and by special interest applications targeting children. 

We are the modern face of Turkish cuisine. We produce traditional tastes in healthier and lighter way. Our mission is to ensure future generations embrace Turkish Cuisine that has a history over 1000 years. Customers who prefer our restaurants are the ones, who long for the food served by their mothers and who try to inculcate their children the “Turkish Cuisine” culture.