Kırkpınar Restaurant is a modern tradesman restaurant concept that prepares Turkish Cuisine in a healthy and delicious style, complying with food regulations and standards and serves these tastes to its customers in a modern, cozy and clean environment, at affordable prices.

We pay attention to using highest quality and natural products in all our restaurants. Additives, margarine and saturated fat are not used and food is cooked with steam and served to our guests by maintaining the Turkish taste. We care both for taste and health of our customers.  

We offer an extensive range of products, with every-day changing menus that allows our customer to choose us every day without ever getting bored.

Kırkpınar Köftecisi concept is developed for some streets and shopping malls that are not of a size which will allow the restaurant concept to be applied. In this concept, only meatballs and grilled varieties fried liver, soup, salad bar and desert are served. This concept reflects the “Neighborhood Meatball Restaurant” spirit, with its ambiance and warm services. 

Kırkpınar Ayaküstü is the concept we implement at shopping malls’ fast food floor, at points that do not have exclusive seating area. Kırkpınar Ayaküstü serves limited stew varieties, olive oil dishes and grilled liver.

Kırkpınar Ofiste is the new Turkish Cuisine that meets demands of the working class, catching up with the pace of modern life.

It is designed to offer Kırkpınar tastes to working class in comfortable, modern and warm environments, to meet all their expectations from breakfast until getting off work.

Day starts with Breakfast Menu composed of open buffet breakfast, breakfast plate, and Turkish style scrambled eggs with tomato, eggs and pastry. In this concept lunch, tea-coffee after lunch and snacks are also served.