Healthy meals for kids are served at Kırkpınar!

Contrary to fast food style eating, traditional tastes of Turkish Cuisine contains food groups that children needs, in a balanced way. Kırkpınar Restaurant offers our traditional tastes with the New Turkish Cuisine Concept, using high quality materials and healthy cooking methods. It is easy to create a healthy and well balanced meal for the kids from rich varieties offered in menu of Kırkpınar. Thanks to such variety, children will have the chance to eat healthy without getting bored.

No material that is harmful to child health can enter to kitchens of Kırkpınar!

Trans fats, unhealthy additives, stabilizers, artificial sweeteners that are frequently found in fast food type products, which may lead to diseases like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer are never used at Kırkpınar products. Food is cooked in steam ovens using modern methods and is served as fresh.

(Resource; Türk Kalp Vakfı- Wikipedia)

Healthy fed children, look to the future with confident, smiling faces!

Health diet plays an important role in physical, social and emotional development of children. Studies carried out shows that students who have insufficient and unbalanced diet lack concentration, have difficulty in learning and demonstrate behavioral disorders and it is proved that their school success is low. Healthy fed children are more disease-resistant and grow with ideal weight and height.

Healthy nutritional habit learned at childhood will affect future phases of a person’s life and plays a crucial role in preventing problems that may arise in years ahead.

How should healthy nutrition be for children?

•Children need to consume sufficient amounts of foods in four good groups in a balanced way for a healthy diet.